Epson printer drivers

Epson printers and their setup

Epson is a world-renowned name in the printer brands. It has maintained its legacy over decades now. You will definitely get to see a series of Epson printers in almost every second home in the US and Canada. The people of most of the countries still prefer using the Epson printers for their home and office uses and there is a reason behind its ever growing usage. The reason that keeps the Epson users attached to their devices is its easy, simple and quick setup. Unlike other brands, Epson doesn’t believe in complicating the utilization of its devices. There is no need for some separate procedures for installing the epson printer drivers.

What you need to do is just install your printer’s device driver software with the help of a CD or you can also download the drivers for your printer from their official web address i.e. After accessing this web address, navigate to the downloads or support section of this website and quote your printer’s exact device model number. Make sure to enter the correct serial/model number of your printer device into the web portal as only then you can have your printer working perfectly.

Epson established in 1942 deals is various kinds of hardware devices like smart sensing and automation components, smart wearable, crystal products. These were some of the unheard devices which are not much used in our day to day lives. Now, let us talk about Epson’s main device i.e. printers. It delivers printers of all types like inkjet printers, laser printers and printer cum scanner etc. There is a major difference between all these types of printers.

Epson printers aren’t much tough to set up as the company has built these printers much according to the customer needs. Epson has completely taken care of its uses so that they don’t have to face any trouble while setting up and installing their printers.

There are basically two ways of getting you Epson printer up in minutes. The two ways are listed below.

  • Through Epson Utility program
  • Epson CD (compact disc)
  • epson printer drivers

Epson printer setup

Don’t worry; we have made the Epson printer setup quite easy for you through our article. Just read the setup and installing steps carefully in order to set your device up.

  • First of all, you will need to download the Epson connect printer setup software on your computer system and install it on the PC.
  • Now connect your Epson printer to the computer with an Ethernet cable or through Wi-Fi or other connecting cords.
  • Switch on the power supply of the printer and wait for few seconds, now launch the Epson printer software and it will search for the available printer device itself.
  • Select your printer device and click next tab, register your printer on the Epson connect program and click on the agree button on the page.
  • Note that you will have to create an Epson connect printer setup account to get all the configurations and updates done about the printer.
  • If you have already an Epson connect to account, you just need to register the printer device only.
  • Click “save and close” button at the end of the setup process and you are ready to use the device easily.

Epson printer set up through the CD provided with it

The CD drive enclosed within the printer box has concerned software for the printer stored in it. The user just needs to install that software and proceed on with the excellent printing solutions. Below is the detailed guide about setting about your Epson printer through the CD. This disc contains the required printer software that runs the printer.

  1. Unbox the printer and you will find an Epson printer disc in it. Insert the disc into the CD drive of the computer system and install the concerned software.
  2. Assemble your Epson printer to the computer system with the help of cords provided with it. There will be a power cord, connecting cord (Ethernet or some other).
  3. Once, the software is installed on the computer system, switch on the power supply of the printer device. The lights on the printer top panel will start to blink.
  4. Now, all the hardware and software components are in place and you just have to give a print command on the file whether it is a document or an image etc.
  5. Just select your printer model from the list of available printers in the software.

In this way, you can easily get your printer working.
Note- Through this CD drive printer software installation, you are entitled to certain benefits mentioned below.
You don’t need to have an internet connection for printer setup.
Users don’t require downloading and install the Epson connect program utility software as this software meets all the required needs of the printer.
You don’t have to select and add your printer device separately.

How to connect the wireless (Wi-Fi) Epson printers to the computer or smartphones?

This is quite an interesting topic to discuss as this is related to the high-end technology. The wireless or Wi-Fi printers are now the talks of the town. These printers are very hard to resist from. Almost every Epson customer needs these wireless printers because this wireless connectivity with the printers is the most sought-after feature in the printers. The wired connection between the computer s and the printers usually tend to restrict the free movement of the user and him/she has is confined to a certain area of the home or office.

The Wi-Fi printers from Epson provides a great solution to this problem through their Wi-Fi range of printers which can be connected to any Wi-Fi enabled smart devices like smartphones, tablets or laptops etc. However, these wireless printers are still provided with the option of a wired connection.

  • Just connect this Wi-Fi printer to its power supply in the home or office and wait for few seconds till it wakes up and warms up properly.
  • Now, switch on the Wi-Fi of your computer or smartphone device and connect to the printer by selecting it from the list of available wireless devices.
  • There is an option of printing the file straight away from our phones also for which we are needed to be connected to a wireless printer. The users nowadays can also connect their phones to their printers through a wired connection.

Epson printer drivers

Well, this topic does need a share of attention as it is quite a crucial one. The printer drivers are the main components behind the successful working of the printer hardware. Without these drivers, it is almost impossible for the user to print any document or file.
The printer drivers are usually included in the software file stored in the compact disc. When we install our printer software from the CD provided with it, the printer drivers get automatically installed and stored in the computer memory.These drivers are solely responsible for the smooth printing experience of the users.

What if any Epson printer driver is missing from the PC?

This happens quite often when the user doesn’t know which printer model exactly they are using.  But the Epson users don’t need to worry about this issue as we have tried to troubleshoot this issue in a much easy way.

  • Initially if any driver Epson printer driver is missing from your computer, your printer will start malfunctioning or it will completely get disabled. Most probably, you will get the error message “printer not detected”.
  • Then, what you need to do is just go to the devices and programs section from the control panel and see the list of live connected hardware devices.
  • Right-click your Epson printer device and see its properties to check if all the drivers are working properly. If there is a yellow troubleshooting logo.
  • If there is an issue pending with the printer it will be displayed on the printer properties screen and you can troubleshoot it from there

Obtaining the Epson printer software and drivers from

If any Epson user has lost the compact disc provided with the printer or whatsoever, he/she can easily get the required printer software and its drivers from the official website of Epson i.e. Visit the Epson support portal for more info on the topic at  You will need to quote your exact printer device model number in the field wherever required. Once, your Epson printer device is displayed on the Epson website’s screen, click on the downloads tab and get all the required downloadable files on your computer system.

Epson scanner drivers

Most of the high-end Epson printers consist of an inbuilt scanner in them. The scanners also need the required drivers to function properly. The Epson scanner drivers are also included in the Epson compact disc containing the printer software. You can also get the Epson scanner drivers from Epson web portal

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